Meri-Lapin Keskuspesula

Meri-Lapin Keskuspesula offers a wide range of laundry services for businesses, hospitals, institutions, and households. We particularly specialise in textile cleaning services for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical and food industries. We are the only industrial laundry in the region to be certified by DNV. The quality certificates from DNV, as well as our digital self-monitoring system, both guarantee the quality and transparency of each of our washes. Our washing process is Swan-labeled, and we have certified management and environmental systems in place.

Hospital and operating room textiles

We wash and maintain textiles for hospital and operating rooms that require the highest level of hygiene from start to finish. During an infection washing, we clean laundry that is especially dirty, such as hospital infection laundry and other textiles that require special cleaning.

Household textiles

We also offer high-quality laundry services for households – we carefully wash rugs, linens, suits, dresses, curtains, and other textiles. We use hypoallergenic detergents that are as gentle as possible.

Industrial workwear

We wash and maintain all kinds of workwear, dress shirts, heavy-duty workwear and more. We effectively handle water-soluble and grease-soluble dirt as well as particulate dirt, again using our hypoallergenic detergents and methods.

Textiles for the tourism, accommodation, restaurant, and leisure sectors

We serve companies in the tourism and restaurant sectors by washing all textiles and linens, as well as rugs. We choose the best wash methods for your particular textiles based on the care labels and our own expertise. We also offer transportation services.

Services for industries

We offer a laundry service for heavy industrial workwear. We pick up the laundry from you as agreed on together, then wash, repair, and return the clean clothes and pick up the dirty ones. Our certified environmental and management systems promise quality you can rely on. We use a low-temperature wash that preserves the reflectors on workwear, and our digital self-monitoring tracks the quality of the laundry service. Our quality service also includes electronic invoicing.

Services for the accommodation sector

We also offer a comprehensive laundry service for customers in the accommodation sector. We quickly wash bed linens, home textiles, mattress toppers, and rugs. Our transportation service picks up and returns the laundry as agreed on.

Laundry transportation services

We pick up and return your laundry when needed. Our reliable transportation service also regularly operates between Oulu and Keminmaa.

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Meri-Lapin Keskuspesula
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